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Hi everyone!  We are pleased to share that Bill McKinney previously of Ideal Images has joined the team at Parks West.  We could go on and tell you all about Bill, but … Let’s just have Bill share a bit of what is on his mind as it relates to making a good impression and how valuable this is to your success.  Go Bill!


Giving our clients a Second Chance at a First Impression.


What makes for a good impression? Everyone has their own list of ideas or thoughts on how to present themselves. Perhaps you know of someone you wish to emulate? Why not could take a page from their book and write your own? Here are five points that I believe should be the foundation of creating a Good Impression.

1. Yes, what you wear matters. Your style is a signal that you can be trusted to behave and stay focused — make sure what you wear reflects that. That doesn’t mean boring — be fashionable but appropriate. From well-groomed hair and nails to the shine on your shoes. Stand Up and Stand Out!! The key thing to dressing for success early on is looking like you’ve already achieved success – and that is the first step toward a positive lasting impression.
2. Never, ever be late. Promptness demonstrates seriousness and lateness shows contempt — always, always run on time, which means factoring in the unexpected, from traffic to construction at the parking lot or delays in public transportation. Tardiness can throw off the entire flow of a meeting and nobody wins. So if you need to leave early enough that you may find yourself sitting in a parking lot for 15 minutes prior, do it. If you need to reschedule do it as early as possible and offer a couple alternative plans.
3. Google. Know the highlights of the person’s life or career you are meeting with, but stop there. Don’t worry about their Facebook or Twitter feeds about date night or what they had for lunch. If their education or previous jobs give you a shared connection, mention it as an ice-breaker. But the most important thing to remember is that you are there to promote yourself and your offerings, not to remind them of theirs. And, if you already know something that they think you don’t, let them share it and don’t cut them off. Being generous goes both ways — share and listen, but never embarrass. Remember…you have two ears and one mouth for a reason.
4. Listen before you ask. In first meetings, we often spend so much time thinking about what we are going to ask next that we don’t even hear that we already got the answer. But in a business setting, showing genuine interest in the other person is key to establishing a quick and relaxed conversation. Whenever possible, follow up with questions based on what they just answered — that gives you a nice transition and demonstrates you are more focused on them than the list in your head. Always ask Open Ended questions that require an explanation rather than Closed Ended that get the Yes or No answers.
5. Trust your gut. Even if, in those first moments, it is clear you have lost the “instant chemistry” test, hold your head high and keep going. For all you know, they may have been having a bad day but if you conduct yourself with integrity and pride that will quickly pass. Always stay true to your gut instincts. The leaders who have achieved great success have stuck with those feelings, even when everyone around them either openly or indirectly doubted or criticized them. If you have a passion or vision (no matter how general or specific), just walk towards it. Keep it in front of you at all times.

Try this mantra: If you think it and speak it, then you will create it.

Many of these ideas have been expressed in written form, televised and/or in audio tapes over the years BUT the thing is…THEY WORK!! Make it a point to review this list or one like it at least monthly until it becomes second nature.



school supplies
School Supplies

School Supplies: 2017-2018

The School Supplies Conundrum:

Is it just us or does buying school supplies seem to be a lot of work?  Where do I go to get everything?  What if I already have some of the items – can’t I just buy what I need?  (Seriously, how many glue sticks does a family need?!)  Where can I go to find staff who can help me and know what school supplies are on these lists?  Is that brand the same, or different?  As parents, we know that is our experience, so we’re trying to help out.

2016 – 2017 School Year:

Last year, Parks West had all of the items required for the various grades at the various schools here in School District 69.  They were available at our shop in downtown Parksville including; those helpful pencils for young children who are learning to write, quality binders of many colours, paper – lined and plain, and – well – everything.  If it was on your kids’ school supply list, we had it here!

School Supplies for This Upcoming School Year:

Parents are starting to consider what they are doing for school supplies for the fall.  Here is what we at Parks West will be offering – choice.

Like last year, Parks West will have all of the items required for the various grades at the various schools here in School District 69.

Parents will have options.  They could come in and shop for it themselves; or, they could leave the list for us to put together for them.  They could buy the entire class list; or, just buy what they need or want.

Let’s Get At It!

Some schools in the School District have released their school supply lists already.  For those schools that have, Parks West has their lists available below or in the shop.  So, if you would like to start purchasing your school supplies, come on in, bring your list or get it from us (for those schools that have made them available).  Let us shop for you and you can pick it up later, or you can shop yourself.

All school supplies (only those on school lists) will be available for parents at 20% off plus 5% if you mention that you saw us here or on Facebook.  (See in-store for details.)


See you soon.  Cheers!


Ph: 250-248-6764

Email: or


Information on PST:

Note, some school supplies are exempt from PST.  See this link to know more: How PST Applies to School Supplies


Available School Supplies Lists:

Arrowview Elementary School Supplies Lists

Errington Elementary School Supplies Lists

Ecole Oceanside Elementary School Supplies Lists

False Bay Elementary School Supplies Lists

Qualicum Beach Elementary School Supplies Lists

Springwood Elementary School Supplies Lists

Ballenas Secondary School Suggest Supply List

Kwalikum Secondary School Suggested Supply List


ALERT – FedEx Email SCAM

Recently, we have seen a significant increase in calls to our store from folks who have received an email from “FedEx”.  This emails typically state that FedEx was unable to deliver a package and provide an attachment to click through.




Please, do not click the attachment as it may contain a virus.


For more information, please refer to the FedEx web site for details.


For information on keeping your computer health, please read our read our earlier post called, “Maintaining a Healthy Computer”.


The Toughest Cable on the Planet – Here at Parks West!

From FUSE CHICKEN:  The maker of the toughest cable on the planet:



Maintaining a healthy computer

Welcome to the first blog of Parks West’s Electronics department. For this first blog I would like to talk about one of the most asked about topics that I deal with on a daily basis; Computer viruses. Most people use a computer every day but know very little about how to maintain and protect their devices. In many ways computers are like cars in that they need servicing from time to time however this is something that many people put off until something goes wrong.

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Paper & Document Shredding

Shredding your sensitive documents is becoming more and more important everyday as people take measures to protect their privacy and businesses comply with legislation and ensure that their client, employee and confidential business information is properly destroyed. 

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