Back to School

Back to School 2023- 2024

The School Supplies Conundrum:

Is it just us or does buying school supplies seem to be a lot of work?  Where do I go to get everything?  What if I already have some of the items – can’t I just buy what I need?  (Seriously, how many glue sticks does a family need?!)  Where can I go to find staff who can help me and know what school supplies are on these lists?  Is that brand the same, or different?  As parents, we know that is our experience, so we’re trying to help out.

School Supplies for this upcoming school year:

As you consider what you’re doing for school supplies for the fall, Parks West will have all of the items required for the various grades at the various schools here in School District 69.

You will have the option to come in and shop for the supplies needed; or, you can leave the list for us to put together for you.  You can buy the entire class list; or, just buy what you need.

Let’s get at it!

Some schools in the School District have released their school supply lists already.  For those schools that have, Parks West has their lists available below or in the shop.  So, if you would like to start purchasing your school supplies, come on in, bring your list or get it from us (for those schools that have made them available).  Let us shop for you and you can pick it up later, or you can shop yourself.

Order your school supplies online at our back to school page and we will notify you when your order is ready to go.